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제목 Announcement for International Students(2013 FALL) 조회 3238
작성자 입학관리팀 작성일 2013.06.07


Dear international students,

Thank you for your application.

Successful candidates for the 2013 Spring semester will be announced today(7th of JUNE) 2 P.M.


Candidates need the application number and name(written on the application form) to check the results.



Please check the attached file for more information.

 ※ Attached file

    - How to see application result.pdf: captured images of the successful candidates check menu.


First Tuition fees bill will be printable since 2013. 6. 14(FRI) and the bill will include the scholarship results also.

First Registration period is [2013. 6. 14 ~ 6. 28] / 500,000 or 0 KRW

Final Registration period is [2013. 7. 2 ~ 7. 10] / The tuition left after the first registration or 0 KRW.

 ※ More information will be available via the successful candidates check menu.


2013. 6. 7(Fri)


SKKU Admissions Office